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As You Like It

As You Like It Poster.jpg


A film adaptation of William Shakespeare's As You Like It.

This production examines the fluid nature of identity and the ways in which societal constructs affect interpersonal relationships.


Role: Orlando (Lead)


Company: Shakespeare in the Woods / Pro Love Visuals

Artistic Director: Katharine Maness

Director: K. Paley


Director of Photography: Marcus Lewis

As You Like It is a story about Rosalind and their cousin Celia- two cousins who run away to the Forest of Arden. When Rosalind encounters their crush, Orlando, in the woods, they pretend to be a boy named Ganymede and they teach Orlando how he should woo Rosalind. What starts as a fun and flirty game evolves into an awakening of gender and sexuality for a young couple exploring their first love.

Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare toyed with gender in a way that left Transgender people out of the conversation. This film adaptation explores what lies beneath those jokes and shows us what love can look like in a world free of expectation. Set against the lush green landscape of the forest, the pressures of society melt away and love blossoms in its purest forms.

As You Like It is a romantic comedy about finding what feels right. It’s about the kind of magic that exists in the new and unknown. It’s about having the courage to seek the kind of life that makes you feel love.



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